Electrical Service Upgrades

  • Emergency service available
  • Average time to complete: 3 to 6 hours
  • Upfront pricing
  • FREE second opinions

Schedule your panel upgrade today and find peace of mind in an electrical system that can support your household.

Jacksonville Electrician upgrading a homes power service

Our licensed and insured electrical technicians will assess your electrical access needs.  We will provide the optimal new service panel to safely match your home or business’ power requirements.

If your home is older or perhaps you have expanded through additions and add-ons, your power requirements might change over time. Service upgrades are extremely important to ensure that your demand does not exceed your capacity.

Signs you need a service upgrade:

  • Breaker trips happen often
  • Lights flicker when a high-draw appliance is in use
  • You are planning a remodel or addition to your home or business
  • You don’t know when the panel was last upgraded
  • Your main service panel is making noises

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