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Electricity is something we often take for granted. Power is so integrated into our lives, we tend to not notice how much we rely on it. There’s almost no time point during the day that electricity isn’t being used. Let’s take a moment to go through what a day without electricity would be like, and […]

Do you know the difference between a circuit breaker and a safety switch? Most people don’t know the differences, or think they do the same thing. While these devices are very important for your home, they both handle different aspects of safety. Today’s blog is written to help educate consumers on what they’re getting into when […]

As hard as it may be to believe, lighting has a big effect on us. Since the majority of people spend the bulk of their day inside an office, it makes sense that the quality of lighting in the office is important. The right lighting is determined by many factors including natural light and variations […]

With concerns for the environment and a growing population, technological advancements in trying to find alternative ways to power the world is powering up. Learn about new technology, and the future of the modern utility that powers the world. Flexible Thermoelectric Generators A flexible thermoelectric generator is a small device that can convert heat into […]

Our Jacksonville-based commercial and residential electrical company is weathered in hurricane preparedness and ready to help you prep for the storm, or clean up after it. The past few years, we have been sacked by large, devastating storms – knocking out power to large swaths of Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beaches, Yulee and St. Augustine. Thompson Electric […]

Every trade has it’s tools to get the job done. Electricians are no different. They even have special tools specifically invented to help with safety and tight spaces they can’t even see. Whether you’ve though about it or not here are some tools you can find in an electricians tool belt. Linemen  Pliers Wires need […]