Smart Plugs For Home Automation A smart plug is a plug that you insert into your typical wall outlet and is controlled with a smart phone or app. The device that is plugged into the smart plug (that is plugged into the wall) can be controlled remotely from your phone, even when you’re not home. […]

While flickering lights can be cool for aesthetics or creating a spooky atmosphere for Halloween, lights in your home should not be flickering consistently. It is normal for your home to have a little bit of light fluctuation, but if it becomes constant, it may be time to contact an electrician. Below are some possible […]

Electricity is something we often take for granted. Power is so integrated into our lives, we tend to not notice how much we rely on it. There’s almost no time point during the day that electricity isn’t being used. Let’s take a moment to go through what a day without electricity would be like, and […]

Do you know the difference between a circuit breaker and a safety switch? Most people don’t know the differences, or think they do the same thing. While these devices are very important for your home, they both handle different aspects of safety. Today’s blog is written to help educate consumers on what they’re getting into when […]

As hard as it may be to believe, lighting has a big effect on us. Since the majority of people spend the bulk of their day inside an office, it makes sense that the quality of lighting in the office is important. The right lighting is determined by many factors including natural light and variations […]

With concerns for the environment and a growing population, technological advancements in trying to find alternative ways to power the world is powering up. Learn about new technology, and the future of the modern utility that powers the world. Flexible Thermoelectric Generators A flexible thermoelectric generator is a small device that can convert heat into […]