Air Conditioning Services

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  • Diagnostic charge: $89
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Aside from the obvious sweltering Florida sun, there are other less-obvious signs that your AC unit isn’t working as well as it should.

If you find that your Air Conditioner is not keeping your home or office cool and comfortable, one of our trained technicians can diagnose and repair your system quickly and efficiently.

Call us today to schedule your diagnostic and repair and get back to feeling cool, calm and comfortable in your home.

Some quick troubleshooting can help you and us know where to start to remedy the issue:

Air Conditioner isn't turning on.

This is typically a problem with the thermostat or a tripped circuit breaker. Try flipping the breaker once. If it restarts the AC and doesn’t trip back, you’re good. But remember, if you switch the breaker and it keeps tripping, don’t keep trying it. You can risk overloading, and damaging, the entire circuit breaker.

The AC unit is making unusual sounds

If you’re hearing gurgling or hissing, it’s a good sign the AC unit needs a repair. You could be leaking refrigerant or experiencing a compressor issue.

Cold, but no “oomph”.

When the system is having a problem blowing, that’s a pretty good indicator your motor or belt may need a replacement.

Icy coverage on the unit.

Usually indicates a refrigerant leak or airflow issue.

Your unit is surrounded by water.

Any extra water pooling or puddling usually signals an issue with the condensation line.


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