Allergies, Your HVAC System, and Feeling Better

Mother and daughter sneezing from the pollen outside

Every season brings with it a slew of new allergens. Therefore, “allergy season” is technically a year round event. Particularly if you share your home with furry friends. But what most people overlook or don’t think about is how their HVAC system can play an integral part in making their lives better or a living hell.

From pet dander to pollen to mold, the quickest and most simple way to keep allergens under control is right under your nose … your HVAC filters. Filters play an integral role in keeping allergies at bay and in turn help home owners enjoy air that’s not inciting sneezing fits and coughing spells, or worse. Our checklist can help you figure out where and how to get the best air quality control for the best value.

Your HVAC’s Filters

A guy changing his HVAC air filter

Well, first of all, no filter is going to help with much of anything if it’s clogged and filthy. Filters only work when they can actually filter the air, so when they’re clogged with Fifi’s fur or inches of dust? Not much airflow or filtering going on. And what worst? Mold can accumulate in the filter, as well, when it’s not breathing correctly. So do yourself a favor and replace filters as often as every month.

As far as what makes a good filter, there’s a rating for that, just like everything else. It’s called the MERV rating (Minimum Efficiency Ratings Value) and the higher the number, the better the filtration. So those with severe or chronic allergies should opt for a MERV rating of at least 8, to ensure that everything the filter can remove, is being removed and helping them live a healthier life.

Air Purification Systems

Next on the list, whole-home air purification. Again, our HVAC team can help you decide which system is best for your needs. Air purification adds that extra protection for those with chronic and severe allergies and lung-related issues.

Air purification typically uses an ozone generator to zap those harmful allergens from the air. The very same ozone that keeps planet Earth safe from the sun can keep your home safe from contaminants.

Clean the Ducts

A very dirty air conditioner air vent in a home

Just like a clogged filter, filthy ducts are just a mecca for mold and allergens and should be cleaned thoroughly to ensure optimum filtration and output of your HVAC system. And maintenance is just as simple as being sure to keep all vents clean.

UV Lighting to Fight Back

Germicidal UV lighting is the latest common addition to the HVAC world and the air we breathe. Destroying harmful viruses and bacteria is a good thing.

How does it do this? First off, we all know that UV is harmful to living organism. This system simply uses light similar to the sun to “burn” up any harmful organism from your air.

As you can see, the world of HVAC has come a long way. The options to keep you and your family healthy and happy are plentiful. Schedule a consultation with one of our specialists today to get the best air quality you can find.

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