Smart Plugs

Smart Plugs For Home Automation

A smart plug is a plug that you insert into your typical wall outlet and is controlled with a smart phone or app. The device that is plugged into the smart plug (that is plugged into the wall) can be controlled remotely from your phone, even when you’re not home. Through the app, you’ll be able to turn off your living room TV – even from another location. You can turn on a coffee maker when you’re on the way home, or turn on a slow cooker while you’re still at work.

You can also program or create schedules for devices to turn on and off at certain times. So you can set your coffee to start every morning right on the dot. You can also program the lights to turn on and off periodically with an “Away” mode to make it appear that you’re home. Most plugs are compatible with Amazon Alexa and other voice assistants to turn on your device with just your voice.


While most plugs are for indoor use only, there are some that are specifically designed for outdoors. These weather-resistant outdoor plugs can withstand the elements but keep your Christmas holidays displays list. Some plugs are designed with multiple outlets so that you can plug in more than one device at a time.

Smart for Your Jacksonville Home

One of the biggest benefits of using a smart plug is that it will help lower your electricity bill. These devices can help save money by automatically shutting off devices when you leave the house, which helps to lower your bill. Some devices will even take it a step further by telling you how much energy you are consuming and which devices are using more energy than others. This can also help you determine which lamps should have energy-saving lightbulbs, and which appliances aren’t worth the amount of electricity they need.

Overall, smart plugs have many specific benefits and great ways to use it:

1. They can help determine which appliances are energy efficient
2. They can help control appliances and set up schedules to help cut down on energy usage
3. They can be programmed to turn on and off, and help you appear to be Jacksonville home, which can ward off intruders
4. You can help make your morning routine more efficient by turning on multiple appliances at one time.
5. You can save time and program devices to turn on sooner (such as a slow cooker, coffee)
6. Turn your lights on at a certain time every morning to help you wake up
7. Save money by turning on the AC or fans at certain times

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