A Day Without Power

Electricity is something we often take for granted. Power is so integrated into our lives, we tend to not notice how much we rely on it. There’s almost no time point during the day that electricity isn’t being used. Let’s take a moment to go through what a day without electricity would be like, and when you eventually get to a time when you have lost power – give us a call at our Jacksonville office to get a certified, professional electrician out to your home and office, and we’ll get you back up and running.

How would your usual morning rituals be altered?

Most people don’t rely on a traditional alarm clock anymore, since the majority of people use their smartphone to set an alarm. And some even set a few alarms throughout the morning just to drag themselves out of bed and make it into work on time (including some of our staff). Without power, there’s no sound to wake you up and you’ll be late getting ready and late to work.


If you get up before the sun rises, you typically turn on your lights to shower, get dressed, maybe shave or apply make up, and some of the other morning routines to get you ready for the day. Without electricity, some of those todos will be impossible to do and you may end up with patches of hair on your face and missed matched clothes. We also discussed the benefits of good lighting in our most recent blog.


Your plumbing isn’t the issue in situations where you lose power, you don’t lose water when the power goes out. But without power, there’s no heat – which means there’s no hot shower to start the day, or hot water to wash your hands. You get to have an ice cold shower instead, and this is probably one of the things you’ll never take for granted after you’ve had to suffer through a cold shower in the morning.


Are you addicted to coffee and have to have it every morning to put you in a better mood? Well, you’re going to be a bit irritable because your coffee maker won’t be brewing anything. And if you thought about toasting a bagel or taking cream cheese from the fridge – well that’s out of the question. You can’t even make a bowl of cereal because the milk has spoiled from a warm fridge. Looks like your breakfast is going to be coffee grounds with a side of un-toasted bagel – yum!


You managed to get to work, and now you’re trying to prepare for a big meeting that you have today with your team. Let’s see what your work day would look like without power.


Your laptop is on 8% (you forgot to charge it). It dies pretty much right away. You reach for the charger and plug it into the outlet. You won’t be able to charge your laptop without electricity, which means you’re going to be behind on all of your projects for the day. Why’d you even come to work? That’s a different blog post altogether, but this is a good time to think about what you’d do if you lost power at your office. What would you do? Hint: you’d probably call our Jacksonville office to help get things back up and running.


Similar to breakfast, you’re going to have a little more difficulty in choosing what to eat for lunch, since you can’t have a hot meal. Without electricity, you can’t even have a sandwich – unless it’s PB&J (new jar) – or heat up your dinner from last night. I’m sure a can of cold corn sounds real good right about now.


You have an important meeting today in your office. Your laptop is dead and even if it wasn’t dead, there would be no way to project your PowerPoint presentation for the whole group to see on the big screen TV. You’ll have to reschedule the meeting for a time that you have power – but you can’t even reschedule the calendar invite because your laptop is dead. Might as well go home and call it a day.


You’ve clearly had a rough day without electricity. The power is still out in your home. You really should have called a Jacksonville electrician about this problem, but your phone is dead. Next time, stop by our office during business hours – but this time, you’re already home.

Oven and fridge

You can’t open your fridge or you’ll help speed up the defrosting of your frozen foods, and the decay of your refrigerated foods. Which means that roasted chicken you were dying to make won’t be made tonight, because your oven also uses electricity. Looks like you’re having more peanut butter sandwiches and canned corn.


At this point, you really just want to unwind and relax because your day was a total mess. You grab your remote to turn on the TV to watch your favorite primetime show, but the screen stays black. Your TV needs an outlet with power, which you still don’t have. I guess you can read a book by candle light, like back in the day – just be safe about it. Don’t hold the candle next to paper, or have it in a position where it could start a fire. You’ll have a lot more problems than no power.


You’re on your last pair of underwear and need to wash your clothes for work tomorrow. You head over to your washing machine to put a load in, stumble over more clothes because you can’t see in the dark and hit your head on the broom that was sticking out from behind the washer. You’ll have to wash your clothes the old fashion way, with a wash board and some good old fashion laundry soap, then hang your clothes on a clothes line to dry in your backyard. The only saving grace you have is that the nights are beautiful in Jacksonville, and there’s enough light pollution from the surrounding area that you can see what you’re doing in the backyard.

With all of that said, having electricity is such a key part to maintaining your daily routine. Without electricity there are so many simple tasks we couldn’t do without it. We take it for granted, there’s no doubt. So to keep life running smoothly, to keep you on schedule, fed, cleaned up for work, etc. – you need to reach out to our office the second you have an issue. We’re right here in Jacksonville and ready to get you back up and running when you need us most.

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