What You Can Find in an Electricians Tool Belt

Every trade has it’s tools to get the job done. Electricians are no different. They even have special tools specifically invented to help with safety and tight spaces they can’t even see.

Whether you’ve though about it or not here are some tools you can find in an electricians tool belt.

Linemen  Pliers

Wires need to be cut and have a good set of pliers will do the job. Linemen or side cutting pliers can cut, pull, twist and bend are important to help get the cutting done.

Needle Nose Pliers

For the very small to reach areas needle noose pliers can help save the day. Electricians can cut, grip of bend tiny wires that hands and bigger tools can’t get to.

Voltage Tester

A voltage safety is an important safety tool that indicates whether a wire is live, and does this without making contact with the wire. It is very important to know if a line still has electricity flowing through it. Failure in knowing if a wire does can have some serious consequences.

Electrician Leveler

Electricians have to make sure that they’re putting things on the wall straight. An Electrician Leveler can help in that situation. If an electrician needs to place an electrical cabinet on the wall a leveler will definitely come in handy.

Some levelers even come with magnets, so electricians can have both hands free.

Fish Tape

You will definitely find this in an electricians tool belt. Fish tape is used to route new wires  through the walls and  conduits using a leader. With help from the fish tape, wires can be guided through tight spaces like wall cavities.

Screw Drivers

Screw drivers are a must in an electricians tool belt. Electricians need to be able to unscrew outlets and see what’s going on inside the wall. Most electricians have screw divers that come in all different shapes and sizes and each has a specific purpose.

Next time you need an electrician, see if some of these tools are in their tool belt.

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