FPE Panel Dangers

FPE panels were America’s go-to circuit panels during the 1980s and many can still be found today. However, the dangers surrounding these panels may not be as well known. At Thompson Electric and Air we specialize in electrical work and identifying circuit panels that pose a risk to households and businesses.

A Fire Hazard

Millions of Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) panels have been installed across the country and work perfectly fine until they don’t… If these panels short circuit or experience any kind of over current, they quickly become a fire hazard that could put you or your family at significant risk.

After realizing the numerous issues involving the FPE panel, a New Jersey State court ruled that the Federal Pacific Electric Company “violated the Consumer Fraud Act” due to the company having previous knowledge of the dangers that the circuit panels posed.

What Causes These Problems?

The root of the problem with the FPE panel is that they are more likely to fail to trip than the average circuit panel. When a panel fails to trip, an excessive amount of power surges to the home’s or building’s circuit breaker and increases the likelihood of the panel overheating and catching fire.

If you, or someone you know, own an FPE panel or an outdated panel, contact Thompson Electric and Air to have an electrician conduct an inspection of the panel.