Craigslist Horror Stories

It takes a lot of time and skill to be a licensed electrician at Thompson Electric and very little to pretend to be a licensed electrician on Craigslist. Many people and businesses have looked to Craigslist for electrical work and did not get the results they were hoping for…

False Advertising

Usually, the “electricians” on Craigslist advertise their services at a significantly discounted price from their licensed competitors in order to attract business. If the price is right, an individual or company might be more inclined to turn a blind eye. This can be detrimental to any business and consumer as the unlicensed electrician is not technically qualified to do any kind of electrical work.

Ceiling Fan Debacle

One such Craigslist electrician service went haywire (pun intended) when an unlicensed electrician was hired to repair a faulty ceiling fan motor.

Though the motor was the only component of the fan that was having issues, by the end of the five hour visit not only was the motor now completely inoperable, but the light in the fan was now disconnected and not turning on. In the end, it was found that the unlicensed electrician had severed the wires to the light and failed to repair the fan motor.

Generator Mixup

In another instance, an electrician was hired from Craigslist, with no legitimate credentials, to configure a generator. Rather than simply checking to make sure everything was functioning before hurricane season hit, the electrician mistakenly switched the “Water Heater 1” and “Kitchen” power and was unable to eradicate his mistake.

To avoid these Craigslist electrical horror stories, contact one of our licensed and fully qualified electricians at Thompson Electric. We offer a variety of electrical services to meet your needs.